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Management Advisory & Strategy Services

We review and guide our clients’ decision-making processes, helping to create an actionable plan and ensuring they have the right resources to implement their initiatives. Throughout every stage, we help strengthen the success of their efforts by offering recommendations on best practices.


Financing and Working Capital Strategy

A vital aspect of financial management with obvious impact on a firm’s ability to conduct business and generate profits.  We can advise on and coordinate SBA loans, bank facilities, covenant negotiations, supplier financing and credit/collections terms. Thoughtful planning at every stage will drive positive results in access to capital, improved cost of funds, better liquidity and solvency, and more optimized working capital posture.

Young Business Colleagues

Business Start-up Consulting

If you are starting a business or in early stage, we can shoulder the non-legal aspects of creating and establishing structures while you focus on customers and product and service delivery.  We are able to address a wide range of formation requirements including registrations and filings, banking structure, accounting system, and policies and procedures.

Modern Work Space

General Management Consulting

Our team members are experienced in several aspects of general management and we can bring these capabilities to help  improve firm management for more mature firms or managing discrete projects. 

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