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Bookkeeping Services

Mavenly Consultants is a certified bookkeeping firm and is equipped to provide the full range of bookkeeping services that form the critical foundation of prudent financial management. We pride ourselves on the timeliness and accuracy of our work, which includes the following key tasks:

  • Journal entries

  • Accounts Receivables – Invoicing and Collections

  • Accounts Payable

  • Payroll administration

  • Transactions processing

Monthly Management Deliverables

We offer a robust suite of monthly and/or quarterly services to drive financial performance review and ensure the control environment.  Period end deliverables include:

  • Financial Statements – Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement

  • Bank and General Ledger Account Reconciliations

  • Debt covenants, as applicable

Risk management is essential to good corporate governance.  Fraud and human error are common occurrences with the potential to erode assets and company value. We can support and strengthen the control environment to limit these threats through levers such as policies and procedures to embed segregation of duties and transparency, timely reconciliation procedures, and the deployment of computer and banking systems controls.

Mavenly Consultants LLC is not a CPA firm.

Fraud and Internal Controls

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