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Tackling Disparities in Finance for Black and African Americans

During the last five decades, Black and African Americans have had some progress in society and education, but a closer look at wealth in America reveals staggering racial wealth disparities.

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Clients adding up quickly for Mavenly Consultants

Elaine Dickson grew up wanting to be a journalist. But when her family immigrated to the U.S. from Jamaica just before she started college, fear won out over pursuing her dream. She studied accounting, then business administration, and embarked on a career in banking.…

Meeting with Clients

Cumberland woman launches Mavenly Consultants

CUMBERLAND – Mavenly Consultants, a Rhode Island certified woman-owned and Black-owned business, has opened in Cumberland, providing strategy, finance and bookkeeping services to small and mid-sized businesses.

Meeting with Clients

R.I.’s ‘she-cession’: Pandemic knocks many women out of workforce... 

Elaine Dickson’s resume is full of degrees and high-powered positions. ...She recently combined her savvy in business, finance and communications to start a financial and business-strategy consulting firm, Mavenly Consultants LLC, while also running an international nonprofit she founded several years ago.


Despite the accomplishments, the Cumberland mother of four feels a pang of regret when she looks back on her career.


“I wasn’t able to chart the career I wanted,” she said.

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