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Financial Management

Growth-oriented companies can often feel overwhelmed by the ongoing challenges of running a business, and managing the financial and operational activities. Our team of experts will assist you with operational and planning services: multi-year financial projects, banking and cash management optimization, break-even analysis, budgeting & forecasting, insurance assessment and placement, and more.

Our approach is collaborative, ensuring that our services match the needs of each client, leveraging existing capacity as needed, now and into the future.

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The multi-year financial statements projections is a full suite of the key financial statements – income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement – that provides a robust view of a firm’s financial outlook, and are highly valuable as management planning and analysis tools, especially when sensitivity analysis is embedded in the model. Importantly, it is a mandatory component of virtually all capital raising exercise.


Budgets and forecasts form the basis of quality financial planning, shedding light on the resource requirement and likely profitability and cash flow outcome of business decisions.  We can generate short term cash budgets for operational management or multi-year projections for a more long term view of business prospects.


Banking and Cash Management Optimization

Banking and cash management govern the ease and cost of payments and collections, as well as the security framework for cash holdings, which is of vital importance in an age of rampant fraud. We will establish or improve banking setups that provides an optimal balance of functionality and service, satisfies the needs of the firm, and equips it with appropriate control features.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Multi-year financial projections

Development and maintenance of key performance indicators (KPIs) and trend reports to illuminate performance relative to prior years, current goals and peer group, where applicable.


Insurance assessment and placement


Insurance is an integral component of prudent risk management and there is a range of insurance types that typically forms the best practice portfolio for well run companies.  We are able to work with third-party brokers on your behalf, determine risk profile, business needs and the desired range of coverage types and structure to manage risk at an acceptable total cost of risk.


Performance Measurement

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