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Mavenly Consultants Announces Company Launch and Strategic Partnership

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Mavenly Consultants Announces Company Launch and Strategic Partnership

Contact Information:

Elaine Dickson, Principal Owner

Mavenly Consultants (

(401) 405-4094

Providence, RI, September 21, 2020 – Mavenly Consultants, LLC, a new consulting firm providing value-added accounting, finance and strategy services launched earlier this month with a focus on meeting the needs of small and mid-sized companies who desire CFO level expert advice, big picture thinking and hands-on service. Our highly experienced team will be a trusted advisor to businesses seeking to grow and achieve high, sustainable levels of performance.

“Our insights and recommendations will give business owners and decision makers the answers they need to help grow their business, manage change and mitigate risk,” says CEO Elaine Dickson.

We are also pleased to announce that we have entered into a strategic collaboration with JamesGoode Associates, an HR Consulting firm with deep experience serving executives and other senior leaders looking to optimize their people management and organizational capabilities. This collaboration brings together two outstanding service providers who are committed to helping companies navigate significant change and uncertainty in today’s fluid and complex business environment.

“Helping our clients advance their business ideas, connect the right people with the strategy necessary for execution defines our work,” said Lynell James, Principal at James Goode. “We are excited that this partnership allows us to bring our suite of services and increased value to a broader set of clients.”

For more information on our offerings or partnership, visit

About Mavenly Consultants

Mavenly Consultants, LLC is a consulting firm of experienced professionals, providing value-added accounting, finance and strategy services, primarily to mid and small sized businesses, to help drive performance, mitigate risk and scale their business, now and into the future.

About JamesGoode Associates

JamesGoode Associates is a boutique HR consulting firm dedicated to working with small to mid-sized businesses navigating significant change and who require hands-on, full cycle experience. JamesGoode Associates specializes in organizational development, diversity, equity and inclusion, strategic planning and implementation, mergers and acquisition, organizational restructuring, and training and employee relations, across various industries, including, including financial services, healthcare, industrial and higher education.


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